Game of Thrones: a Telltale Series Episode 2 Lost Lords

Game of Thrones CMPT Game of Thrones: a Telltale Series is a game by Telltale and HBO. I’ll refrain from too much detail as this is a decision based game. Episode 2 in the 6 episode series of Game of Thrones: a Telltale Series, came out yesterday February 3rd. I played this episode last night and it was everything i hoped for. Rodrik Forrester is alive and well and becomes the lord of house Forrester, meanwhile lord Bolton comes to the house and tries to humiliate Rodrik. Gared Tuttle has arrived at the wall and meets Jon Snow, who form a bond almost instantly. Mira Forrester has killed a Lannister guard in self defense after receiving a note from the guard to meet her in the garden. So far no one is suspicious. The episode ends with Ethan and Lord Forresters funeral and Ethans sister Talia singing a song for the 2 of them. This episode topped the first by a lot, and i cant wait for the rest. These posts will be much longer when I’m not in class but this was fun.


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