Analyzing IGN, the Internet Gaming network.

IGN is a website based around digital entertainment, and anything nerdy or related to gaming. IGN tries to be the leading website in gaming, TV, movies, tech, comics, and any news that’s worth telling a community of male gamers. IGN targets the male demographic from children to men of about 34 years old. IGN posts the latest news in entertainment throughout every day and never seems to miss a beat in whats new. IGN is the number 1 gaming website in the west. They try to get a male audience mostly because of the time the website started, when their were primarily male gamers. As they say in their about page, they try to keep everyone up to date, and coming back to them for more news. “Thanks to our irreverent voice, trusted editorial and a shared passion for all things entertainment, we are driven to give our audience reasons to keep coming back for more–including exclusive IGN Firsts, breaking news and original video content.”

The main target audience is males 18-34. They primarily target people with gaming consoles. Here is a quote from their about page. “Our days and nights are spent reveling in the world of games and entertainment. We are elbow to hairy elbow with the immediate and beautifully fickle culture that captivates the minds of young men around the globe.” They fulfill this audience wants from the website by having the latest game news, but by also sometimes having one of their attractive female reporters give the news on “Daily Fix” IGN’s daily news show.  Older males tend to visit the website and look at all the news by simply going to the website. The younger half of the demographic are all on social networking, and IGN uses Facebook, twitter, etc. to get the younger audiences attention.

IGN wishes to be entertaining and funny, and timely with their videos, and make sure they give everyone the latest news in entertainment, and technology. They want you leaving the website telling all your friends what you just read or watched, so they will then read or watch what you watched. For those who see gaming news, they want them to leave their site excited about this new game.

The best ways to browse IGN, the obvious one being a browser, would be social networking and with an app. With social networking you can see their newest updates in real-time. Just by scrolling through your news feed, you’ll stumble on some new IGN news. An app is useful because you can set the app to automatically send you the newest updates, based on the content you want to know about. IGN does well at getting their voice out in advertisement as well as provide their viewers with new content every day. About IGN


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