Search Engine Optimization Page 2

Quality Content

If you want your search to show up more you have to have quality content to want to be revisited and re-searched. You must account for the different range of vocabulary amongst your site traffic. Google used a example using a boy starting a website with baseball cards in their SEO starter guide.

If you are making a website dedicated to baseball, there are probably people who know more and less and will have different things to search. Someone who has been really into baseball their whole life might search NLCS which stands for National League Championship Series. Someone who likes baseball but hasn’t liked it that long would search something like baseball playoffs or when the world series is that year.

.seo finalThis picture from Googles guide to search engine optimization displays the top search queries and which ones brought the most people to your website to give you a better idea of what to use on your website.

Also when searching for something on Google you will sometimes see Ads on the side that relate to your subject. This is called Google Adwords. So if someone searches for Baseball that kids baseball card site could show up on the side.

Google also has a tool called Google keyword tool, which shows different variations of phrases and keywords to give you more search options on your site. Keyword tool is paid but there are unpaid alternatives. keywords


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