Search Engine Optimization 3

Promoting Your Website

Effectively promoting your website will make it more prominent in a Google search for those who are interested in your subject, and it will be much quicker to find.

There are many ways to advertise online, and a lot of them are easy free ways, such as blogs. But there are much more than just blogs to advertise on.

  1. Your Own Blog
  2. Someone Else’s Blog
  3. Social Media
  4. Newsletters
  5. Commenting On Related Sites

Keeping up to date with new blog posts on your own blog will let your visitor base see that there is always new content so they will search for your site more often to see if there’s anything new. If you post new things a lot it will also show up in your RSS feed which is data including full or summarized text describing an update to your blog. Networking is also a great way to get the word out. If you have a site that advertises a service you plan to supply, make business cards, and put your url on the card. Anyone interested in your service will go to your site and increase site traffic flow.

If you are advertising a business or service, Google places is another great tool to get your search up. Google places is free and allows you to put your business on the map for everyone to be able to find. google places

Another thing you should do, is make sure you know whats going on in the web community on websites related to your website. Go on other blogs and comment, and say how you have something on your site related. Or see what other sites are providing for their visitors and see if you can beat it. Leave a link to your site all over place, and buy a URL that you think will draw a lot of traffic. The most recognizable links are bought because they are the most customizable.

And lastly, make use of Googles webmaster tools. The webmaster tools tell you what visitors do when they come to your website, and what is the most visited area, and lets you know if the site changes you made actually made a difference in traffic.

That is my project on SEO.



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